________________ is an online kitchen sales and kitchen design retailer for general public consumers who expect exceptional quality and value at an affordable price. 

Website pages involved: 100+  


When I was introduced to the project, large online retailers were trending toward simple, clean, white backgrounds and high contrast websites for ADA compliance. marketing research discovered that the majority of the target audience was female. The site’s color scheme was far to masculine and dark. Making a sudden shift from the dark site to a stark white site would be jarring and possibly confusing for the audience. I proposed to evolve the site over the span of several years to a more consumer neutral yet retail friendly look while also gaining valuable user/customer feedback over time. The final website goal being a white background along with a better user experience. The site also needed a major content restructure for easier usability and navigation. At the end of 2015, was happy to report record breaking sales.


Co-Art Direction   /   Co-Information Architect   /   Wireframes   /   High-Fidelity Prototyping   /   UX/UI Design / Print Design

Previous website design - Homepage

Previous homepage design

The website went through two intermediate designs moving away from the dark, dull colors to a lighter color scheme. Slate blue with lighter warm tones were implemented for the first design phase.

Newer website design

The second design phase, I nicknamed ‘Vanilla Chai Latte’ brought a much lighter, softer color scheme that was extremely well received by the target audience resulting in a substantial lift in online traffic and sales conversions.

Newer website design
Newer website designNewer website designMobile Design

After the goal retail design was created, the focus was to then take the website to the next level by making it responsive to look great on various viewports such as desktop, tablet, and phone.

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