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Please envision me as your 'Swiss Army Knife of Design'. I solve problems while providing visual design solutions for UX/UI websites, information architecture, design systems, print materials, logos, icons, diagrams, branded emails, marketing promotion materials and more.

Just imagine the time and money saved by having a dynamic full stack designer who can provide visual solutions for most of your design needs.

I passionately help guide others and manifest business ideas and goals into reality. Let's imagine and create something great together. Please consider a quick and easy conversation about your visual design needs.

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“Mike is enormously talented and creative. He has the rare ability to listen to the wants and desires of his clients and turn them into beautiful, persuasive marketing deliverables. Mike’s work — whether it be websites, collateral, or promotional campaigns — is of the highest professional quality. Due to his skills, combined with his openness to feedback, project managers actively request his assignment to their projects.”
— Brian F.

“Mike was a pleasure to work with from day one. We spent nearly two years working side-by-side on countless design, branding, web development, UI/UX, and creative projects together. Mike has the skills and experience to take your visual marketing desires to the next level – thinking outside of the box, helping to develop a solid strategy that is both pleasing to the consumer and to the business, and implementing your ideas into reality. He is also a joy to work with. His patience, understanding, and listening skills are truly valuable in both team and leadership roles. I highly recommend Mike for any organization or client that is interested in his creative abilities— Caroline K.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Q for the past several years through my position at eCapital Advisors. Michael Q can take just the basics of a concept we give him, run with it, and deliver expert design results. He not only grasps our concept, he expands on it and makes it come to life. The final product is always polished and the visuals are stunning. Michael is a trusted talent who is quick, dependable and the consummate professional.”
— Michael P.

“Mike’s services were an excellent investment. Being a first-time small business owner, and feeling “in over my head,” it was critical to me that Michael stay within my budget while delivering a professional and highly effective finished product. Mike did this for me quickly and efficiently. He asked powerful questions and listened to my answers. After exploring options, he created an attractive, modern, informative website that reflects the look and feel of my store while also looking great and accessible on a phone. He was patient, open, and he answered questions I didn’t even know I had!
Further, since finishing my website, Mike has gone out of his way to inform me of upgrades and updates along the way, offering friendly, expert consultation and advice as needed.
I truly believe and trust that Mike has my back and genuinely cares about me and my business.”
— Mark J.

“Michael is a talented designer who helped me with a wide variety of projects while I was at Equus. Michael was considerate, prompt when responding to requests, and did his best to deliver the work the exact way in which I requested it. He has a great eye for detail and a very creative mind. Michael deserves to be considered for any positions he’s interested in pursuing.”
— Todd S.

“We worked with Michael on a special re-engagement email for an ESET B2B email campaign. He presented several great concepts and ideas, so it was difficult narrowing down the options that were extremely different from our regular emails. The final creative we selected excited everyone in the department and was able to successfully re-engage formerly inactive ESET prospects. The concept and strategy was spot on for this particular target audience segment. Michael's off-beat, creative suggestions brought an impressive 135% lift in open rate when compared to the traditional email versions.”
— Anthony B

"Mike is a very talented designer. Working with him on, I saw his experience and professionalism first hand. Mike provided thoughtful, detailed digital designs for desktop/mobile/tablet to help key stakeholders visually understand the new experiences and concepts. He is also a great communicator, and was able to clearly articulate his ideas in a very respectful manner and support it with relevant examples based on research and experience. His ideas and recommendations always had the “as a customer” view. Mike is highly collaborative with not only his immediate team but also cross-functional partners. He provided great value to the team and was flexible in an ever-changing, agile environment, and turned around changes and updates quickly and accurately. It was a true pleasure to work with and partner with Mike. His positivity, sense of humor, and high level of responsibility are a great combination. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again."
— Sheila P

"Michael is a talented and collaborative UX Designer who I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with. While on my team Michael brought a constructive, critical eye to creative problem solving and worked very quickly to adapt to a wide variety of projects in different areas of our business. His thorough approach to design, excellent communication skills, and high-quality output made him a valued member of the team and he rapidly settled into a close, collaborative working relationship with our interdisciplinary team. Michael always kept our customers’ needs in mind while working closely with other UX Designers, Product managers, and Engineers to help deliver high quality customer experiences for our consumer website and various internal tools. Given the opportunity, I would happily work with him again!"
— Adrian Cumming

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