FrameWorthy is a frame shop specializing in custom framing with a focus on quality service at affordable prices.


Based on the idea of first impressions, the owner wanted the online user experience to reflect the look and feel of the store. Warm, cozy, personable with rich colors and tones. 

The site would be informational with an in-depth description of services offered along with stressing specialty, customized framing services with a large variety of framing options. 

The responsive website was built to be optimized for search engines bringing high-level visibility. Customers were given a great first impression and persuaded to trust their specialized framing needs to FrameWorthy.


Art Direction   /   Marketing Direction   /   Wireframes   /   High-Fidelity Prototyping   /   UX/UI Design   /   Development

First Design for New Website

2nd Phase Redesign 

Still looking professional and personable, the new direction was to give more of a fresh, consumer friendly marketing push for the website. Beyond being informative, the new focus was for the user to feel inspired to use FrameWorthy’s professional framing services.

Second Design for Newer Website

Gallery was enhanced to include inspiration

New GalleryGallery ExampleGallery ExampleGallery Example
Mobile Example
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