Providing Design Solutions with a User Centered Focus on Creative UX/UI

Imagine having an expert designer that can provide a fresh perspective on solving problems that interactively bridges your business goals with user needs for ongoing success.

Think of Mike as your premium 'Swiss Army Knife of Design'. Just imagine the time and money saved by having a dynamic, cost-effective, full-spectrum Designer on your team.

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  • Providing Effective Front-End Top Design Talent that is Clean-Code Developer Friendly
  • Implementing Contemporary Gestalt Perceptual Design Methodology for Visual Design Success
  • Highly Collaborative and Productive while being Results Driven
  • Consistent Project Achievement that Exceeds Expectations
  • Clear Communication and Ability to Justify Design Decisions to Stakeholders
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"Mike is highly collaborative with not only his immediate team but also cross-functional partners. He provided great value to the team and was flexible in an ever-changing, agile environment, and turned around changes and updates quickly and accurately. It was a true pleasure to work with and partner with Mike. His positivity, sense of humor, and high level of responsibility are a great combination. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again."
— Sheila P.