Lifetouch offers student portraits for schools across the United States and Canada. Built on the tradition of “Picture Day,” Lifetouch National School Studios captures smiling faces, kindergarten through high school graduation. Product lines include sports, events, seniors and yearbooks.  


The main goal for our hired team was to implement a new MyFamily Rewards program into the website. This involved an updated homepage with the rewards program call-out, an enhanced sign up page with expanded user data capture and a newer account dashboard for user access to personal information along with a section for tracking accumulated rewards. There was also a rewards explanation page implemented. Additional opportunities arose that allowed for a completely redesigned navigation header along with an updated footer that would match the main business portal website. The new rewards program with website redesign has been greatly successful with higher user engagement and conversions resulting in a substantial revenue increase up over 30% from last years numbers.  


Rewards Identity Design    /    Wireframes    /    High-Fidelity Prototyping    /    UX/UI Design    /    Q&A Usability Testing    /    Style Guide Enhancements

Previous homepage design

The previous homepage had awkward spacing with a navigation that was lacking. Although the student model seems appealing and friendly, the main hero image lacked the visual to promote 'family'. There was clearly room for improvement to make the homepage work harder for

Rewards - How It WorksRewards - How It WorksNew homepage design

My goal was to create a clean, consumer friendly homepage that supported the brand. Many enhancements include a more visible navigation, a new MyFamily Rewards program was prominent and the hero image did a better job with showing 'family' aligning better with the target audience. There were also additions of Sports and Yearbooks sections.

Rewards - How It WorksRewards - Sign Up PageRewards - How It WorksRewards - How It Works
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