PetTronix offers a dog tracking touch-screen device and invisible fence solution. The device had gone though a redesign and the business website needed a more professional experience to reflect this newer model. The PetTronix site was moving in the right direction with at least being responsive. The imagery told a story and supported the message of the product offering but was difficult to read/understand in various places with low contrast.  


The new website does a better job at showcasing the touch-screen device, what it does and who the device is for. There are clearly defined areas that promote the differences of PetTronix from the competition along with conveying that the RoamEO SeekR device is ‘The better solution’. Cleaner, more direct content and messaging was implemented.

Promoted the fact that GPS tracking technology is far superior and reliable over cell tower smart phone app competitors. Promoted the fact that the device and service is also subscription free which is an attractive selling point. 

The site was created and developed to maximize SEO and is now ranked much higher for various searches. On many key-phrase searches, the site comes up on the first page toward the top giving the business high visibility. 

The professional, engaging, responsive website was much better positioned against the competition.


Art Direction   /   Marketing Direction   /   Wireframes   /   High-Fidelity Prototyping   /   UX/UI Design   /   Development

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