Servers Direct is the premier provider of advanced, custom-configured server and storage solutions in the U.S and worldwide.


This website redesign project was absolutely massive in scope with over a thousand products and complex configuration offerings to the target audience. 

The website went through a major design overhaul but the previous designer went too far with patterns and shadows making the site very difficult for developers to develop. Designing in this way also made the site sluggish and slow to display. My task was to assess and provide direction to basically 'strip down' and 'clean up' the website design as much as possible but still keeping a modern 'techy' Servers Direct branded look. 

The results were impressive and the stakeholders expectations were exceeded with the newer, cleaner look.


High-Fidelity Prototyping    /    UX/UI Design

New Homepage Design

The previous homepage had awkward spacing with a navigation that was lacking. Although the student model seems appealing and friendly, the main hero image lacked the visual to promote 'family'. There was clearly room for improvement to make the homepage work harder for

Product Listing Page ExampleTech Hub Blog Example

Additional product concept page

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